Employees of Russian companies consider the name “Tasty – and that’s it” to be unfortunate – poll

Most of the employees of Russian companies did not like the new name of McDonald's chain restaurants "Vkusno - and that's it." They stated this in a survey by Megaplan, a developer of customer relationship management systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

The majority (nearly 80%) of employees and managers of small and medium-sized businesses consider the new name unfortunate. Only 13% of respondents approved the idea, 9% found it difficult to answer.

The survey also showed that if it is necessary to rename their company from a foreign language into Russian, this idea will be supported by 36%, and 46% would react negatively to this.

Only 30% support the ban on foreign signs, 55% believe that signs can be in other languages. 15% found it difficult to answer.

McDonald's suspended the operation of its restaurants in Russia in March 2022, following the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. In May, the chain announced its withdrawal from the Russian market after 32 years of operation and the sale of the business.

The first fifteen fast food restaurants "Vkusno - and that's the point" opened in Moscow and the Moscow region on June 12, the Day of Russia.

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