Employees of the Sverdlovsk colonies were trained in hypnosis to combat hunger strikes

Psychologists of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) in the Sverdlovsk Region were trained in "trance induction techniques." This was reported by the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the region. Now psychologists will be able to apply "trance psychotechniques" in "emergency situations" that arise with suspects, accused, convicts: "hunger strikes, the threat of self-destructive and other undesirable behavior."

“The most courageous experienced the effects of trance and underwent sessions of personal psychotherapy,” the message says.

The trainings were held for several days by the head of the psychological laboratory of SIZO-1 of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Moscow, Major Alexei Andreev. Together with him, the psychologists of the Sverdlovsk colonies "disassembled schemes and techniques, worked out skills." “The charm and professionalism of the speaker, as well as the keen interest of the students, made it possible to create a productive atmosphere for mastering new knowledge,” the message says.

American Daily Newspaper

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