The Krasnodar machinist was forced to resign because of his anti-war position. He refused to drive a train with the letters Z and V

In the city of Kropotkin in the Krasnodar Territory, train driver Alexander Shabanov was forced to resign due to his anti-war stance and social activities, OVD-Info reports . Shabanov himself told OVD-Info that he did not want to drive a train with the symbols Z and V.

“I didn’t want to drive a Lokomotiv with the letters Z and V, and I also recorded anti-war videos and posted them on the YouTube channel. For all 12 years of work, I have not had a single disciplinary action or violation. I worked honestly, paid taxes and defended my rights, the rights of colleagues, and also led the activities of a local blogger to protect rights and freedoms. Of course, management sharpened its teeth on me. They tried to set me up many times, but here is such a gift of fate that you can safely arrange political persecution, ”Shabanov explained.

Earlier, he was fined 35 thousand rubles for anti-war videos on YouTube under the article “on discrediting the armed forces of the Russian Federation”: the reason for the administrative case was the denunciation of colleagues.

According to OVD-Info, since March 4, 2,457 administrative cases have been opened in Russia under the article “on discrediting the army.”

American Daily Newspaper

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