Russia fired 24 rockets from the territory of Belarus at military facilities around Zhytomyr – the mayor of the city Sergei Sukhomlin

The Russian military fired 24 rockets on the outskirts of Zhytomyr from planes that came from the territory of Belarus. This was stated by the mayor of Zhytomyr Sergey Sukhomlin in a video message posted on Facebook.

According to him, Russia was aiming at military facilities.

“Nothing arrived in Zhytomyr itself, military facilities around the city were fired upon. The missiles were launched from the territory of Belarus. The missiles were launched from planes that came from Belarus. In total, 24 missiles were launched at military units and facilities around Zhytomyr," Sukhomlin said.

According to the head of the regional administration, Vitaly Bunechko , on his Telegram channel, 30 rockets were fired at the region, one soldier was killed, and another was wounded.

“Today, as on the first day of a full-scale invasion, starting at 4:15 am, the enemy again launched rocket attacks on the Zhytomyr region!!! This time about 30 missiles were fired across the region. Now there is information about minor destruction of military infrastructure. One soldier was killed, one was injured. UPD. The number of wounded and dead is being specified.”

On February 27, a rocket was launched from Belarus, which hit the Zhytomyr airport, Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, reported on the Telegram channel.

The Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that Russia was planning to blow up residential buildings, a hospital and a school in the town of Mozyr, Gomel region of Belarus, in order to draw the republic into the war. According to the GUR, sabotage groups, which include Russian intelligence officers and mercenaries from private military companies controlled by Yevgeny Prigozhin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, arrived in the city from Russia under the guise of civilians to carry out a provocation.

As Major General of the Security Service of Ukraine, ex-deputy chairman of the SBU Viktor Yagun told The Insider, if Ukraine wanted to hit some object in Mozyr, it would be the Moscow Oil Refinery, not residential buildings. “The Belarusian army may enter the war, but all the information that we have says only one thing - that it will be a two-week “suicide” action,” Yagun said.

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