Sberbank will introduce a commission for withdrawals to cards of other banks

Sberbank announced the introduction of a commission for withdrawing money to cards of other banks through banking applications or competitor websites. This is stated on the website of the largest bank in Russia. The amount of the commission from July 1 will be 1.25% of the transfer amount, but not less than 30 rubles and not more than 150 rubles per transfer.

If the transfer will be made in a foreign currency, then the amount of the commission will be taken in the transfer currency at the bank's exchange rate. At the same time, in the currency, the minimum commission will be one dollar or euro, and the maximum commission will be three dollars or euros. In Sberbank itself, Frank RG was directly told that the commission is being introduced so that money does not flow to other banks.

“We see no reason for our customers to “pull” funds to cards of third-party banks and offer to evaluate the benefits of our own services,” said the official representative of the bank.

She also expressed confidence that Sberbank “finalized a lot of our services and products that completely cover all the needs of customers,” and now the bank is simply bringing tariffs and commissions in line with similar indicators for other market players. The commission for "pulling" will exceed the current tariff for a simple transfer from a Sberbank card through an application to a card of another bank, according to the Sber website, it is only 1%.

Limits on debit card transfers will remain unchanged and will amount to 50,000 rubles per month. Also, customers can use a free transfer through the Fast Payment System (FPS), the limit for which is 100,000 rubles per month.

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