Russia has occupied Gorske in Luhansk region, fighting is going on in the vicinity – head of the military administration Oleksiy Babchenko

The town of Horske in the Luhansk region is completely occupied by Russia, and minor local battles are taking place in the vicinity. This was announced by the head of the military administration of the Mountain community, Alexei Babchenko, on the air of Espresso.

“Today, the Mountain community is completely occupied, there are minor local battles in the vicinity, but the enemy has entered. Despite the fact that there was a strong fortified area near Zolote, the breakthrough was in the direction of Orekhovo - Toshkovka. The invaders entered from two sides, one part went to the rear, namely the settlements of Mirnaya Dolina, Podlesnoye, Loskutovka, the other part moved in the direction of Gorny and Zolote.

The Russian Defense Ministry also reported that the troops had surrounded Gorskoe and blocked Ukrainian troops in the area: "Four battalions are surrounded in the next, now Gorskoye cauldron." The department added that up to 2 thousand people from the Ukrainian forces were blocked there.

Earlier, the British Ministry of Defense published a new map of military operations in Ukraine - as of June 22. The previous one was published on May 20. Changes on the map show that the battles between Russia and the Ukrainian army have intensified in the area of ​​Zaporozhye and Kherson. There are no negative changes in the Kherson direction, Viktor Yagun, a Ukrainian military and public figure, major general of the Security Service of Ukraine, ex-deputy chairman of the SBU, told The Insider. According to him, now "the situation is escalating" in the Lugansk region - this is the only cardinal change in the last two weeks. “There, the Russians threw everything they could throw into battle — all the reserves, all the forces, a huge number of dead, burned armored vehicles,” Yagun said.

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