Piotrovsky is for the war, Little Big is against it, in the United States it was allowed to ban abortions. Highlights of the day

Piotrovsky supported the war, saying that "we are all militarists and imperialists"

With the help of the war in Ukraine, Russia is making “great global transformations”, war is “the self-assertion of people, the self-assertion of the nation,” says Hermitage Director Mikhail Piotrovsky.

“We retreated, retreated, now we are not retreating. Made a turn. And it is already clear that the final. Everything was started in 2014 in the Crimea. Crimea created a situation where it was no longer possible to do otherwise, it was necessary to turn around,” Piotrovsky said.

And he added with a laugh that "we are all militarists and imperialists." “We were all brought up in the imperial tradition, and the empire unites many peoples, unites people, finding some common and important things for everyone. It's very tempting, but it's one of the, shall we say, good temptations. Although he does not have to succumb to the end, he must be able to regulate it in himself,” said the director of the Hermitage.

Little Big recorded an anti-war song and left the country

Russian punk-rave band Little Big has released a new video Generation Cancellation with anti-war rhetoric.

“The war is not over. Stop the war in Ukraine. Stop wars all over the world. Nobody deserves a war,” the caption to the clip reads.
“We adore our country, but we completely disagree with the war in Ukraine, moreover, we believe that any war is unacceptable. We condemn the actions of the Russian government, and we are so disgusted by the Russian military propaganda machine that we decided to drop everything and leave the country, ” said Ilya Prusikin, leader of the group.

The band said in a statement that they are currently based in Los Angeles.

U.S. Supreme Court allows states to ban abortion

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, which recognized the right to abortion as constitutional. Time reports . Now, at least 22 states will ban abortion completely or in most cases.

Five Conservative judges voted to overturn the decision, three of whom were appointed during the administration of President Donald Trump.

Immediately after the Supreme Court's decision, the Missouri Attorney General signed a law to ban abortion in the state.

Four people died in the crash of the Il-76 plane in Ryazan

Four people were killed in the crash of an Il-76 military transport aircraft near the Mikhailovsky Highway in Ryazan, five more were hospitalized. This is stated in the Telegram channel of the operational group of the regional government.

A source in the emergency services told TASS that the fall was due to "sudden ignition of the engine."

“The plane crashed due to a sudden ignition of the engine. Previously, four [persons] died, five were hospitalized.”

All the victims are now in intensive care, one is in an extremely serious condition, the rest are in serious condition, Interfax reports , citing an informed source.

The plane made a training flight on the route Belgorod - Orenburg, stopped at Diaghilevo for refueling. Asnoted in the Ministry of Defense, the flight was carried out without cargo, the crew noticed an engine malfunction and decided to land on the ground. At the same time, the department said that the plane "made a hard landing."

Russian Railways suspends the transit of trains through Belarus to Poland

Since June 23, Russian Railways has suspended the loading of some goods that are in transit through Belarus to Poland.

“There is no talk of a complete cessation of transportation in communication with Poland,” the company said.

On April 10, Russian Railways introduced a temporary ban on the transportation of all goods to Poland through the border crossing in the Kaliningrad region. Then this was explained by repair work: "to avoid the accumulation of rolling stock and delays in the transfer of goods."

Ukraine began shelling Russian military facilities MLRS HIMARS

American multiple launch rocket systems M142 HIMARS arrived in Ukraine and started working. A video of the application of the system was published by the Ukraine Weapons Tracker project.

The M142 HIMARS is based on the US Army's three-axle FMTV wheeled chassis and can carry six MLRS rockets or one ATACMS operational-tactical ballistic missile.

Depending on the ammunition, the range of destruction is from 45 to 500 km.

TikTok-house in "LDNR"

Russian bloggers began to be offered to participate in the "first Tik-Tok-house" in the "LDNR". “Show beautiful places, talk about the development of infrastructure.” The project starts in two weeks, it will be broadcast on VKontakte.

In Belgorod and Perm, the military enlistment offices threw "Molotov cocktails"

On the night of June 24, military registration and enlistment offices were again set on fire in Russia, this time Molotov cocktails were thrown at buildings in Belgorod and Perm .

In Perm, four Molotov cocktails were thrown into the building of the military commissariat for the Kirovsky District on Zakamskaya Street. Two of them were broken, two remained intact. According to the publication, there was no fire. The arsonists fled, they are being sought.

On the same night in Belgorod, the military enlistment office was bombarded with Molotov cocktails, as a result, a table in one of the offices caught fire. The man broke the window of the military commissariat on the first floor and threw two Molotov cocktails into the 106th office. A fire broke out, the fire was extinguished after 6 minutes.

Chelsea could buy Neymar from PSG

Chelsea are interested in signing Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar. The team will soon announce the departure of forward Romelu Lukaku to Inter on loan. This should open the door for the 30-year-old Brazilian to move to Chelsea.

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