Kadyrov’s daughter began to conduct night prayers in support of the Chechens fighting in Ukraine. Women are forcibly taken to prayers

Ramzan Kadyrov's daughter Khadizhat, who heads Grozny's Department of Preschool Education, has begun holding night prayers at the Heart of Chechnya mosque in support of Chechen soldiers fighting in Ukraine. This was reported by Kavkaz.Realii with reference to the participants in the prayers. Chechen women are usually taken to prayer "massively and forcibly" by "whole buses". This mainly concerns women working in the public sector - it is impossible to refuse to participate in prayer.

“Everyone should come at midnight, because she [Khadizhat Kadyrova] doesn’t sleep well, she worries about our soldiers in Ukraine, so all state employees need to be. They don’t ask about desire,” an employee of one of the Chechen departments told Kavkaz.Realiyam.

For refusing to travel, the authorities of Chechnya's budgetary organizations promise women punishment, and if they agree, bonuses, says one of the participants in the prayers.

“The authorities said - we must go, promised a day off and cancel the vacation if we don’t go. My aunt and I had to go, stood aside, in the corner of the hall, and cursed Kadyrov and his imams,” she says.

A representative of the Chechen human rights association Vayfond says the prayer usually lasts three hours. After her, the women are taken home.

“You cannot take a woman anywhere without obtaining the consent of her father, husband or brother. Especially at night! This is offensive to Chechens and unacceptable from the point of view of religion. I think this is a performance that Kadyrov often puts on to show how the inhabitants of the republic allegedly worry about the Kadyrovites and support Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine,” they say in Vayfond.

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