Employees of the “E” center came to the “Yeltsin Center” to look for “extremist literature.” The day before, a similar search was carried out in the office of Memorial.

Employees of the "E" center came to the "Yeltsin Center" in Yekaterinburg because of the distribution of "extremist literature". This was reported by Kommersant-Ural with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies.

The inspection is carried out because of the distribution of the very literature that was confiscated yesterday at the Memorial office. According to the source, Anatoly Svechnikov, one of the leaders of Memoral, is currently in the center of the conference on the History of Stalinism. They will have a conversation with him, they will not detain him, the interlocutor of the publication specified.

The day before , a search was carried out in the office of Memorial in Yekaterinburg, the police were looking for extremist literature, which the organization allegedly stores and distributes. Appliances and more than 40 books were seized. Also, employees of the "E" center detained the head of the local "Memorial", historian Alexei Mosin. On June 23, he planned to participate in a conference on the history of Stalinism, which was to be held at the Yeltsin Center.

Earlier in June, the Yeltsin Center removed a statement about the war in Ukraine at the request of the security forces. On the page where the statement was previously, when you navigate , a “404 error” appears. On February 25, a day after the start of the war in Ukraine, the following anti-war statement was published on the website:

“On February 24, 2022, our country decided to conduct a special military operation in Ukraine. In 1991, Russia and Ukraine jointly made the choice of their fate - abandoning the legacy of the USSR, they began the difficult path to the community of civilized countries, to democracy and the market. After 30 years, Russia and Ukraine found themselves on opposite sides of the front line. This is an unthinkable disaster for both countries and their peoples. Realizing the full measure of responsibility that lies with us as citizens of the stronger side of the fratricidal conflict, we call for an immediate halt to hostilities.”

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