Daughter of B.Yu. Alexandrov demanded to destroy the cheeses of the family brand

The daughter of the late creator of the B.Yu. Alexandrov" Boris Alexandrov Ekaterina filed a lawsuit with the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region against a group of companies that were engaged in the production of glazed curds and other products under the family brand. Ekaterina Alexandrova insists that the father's trademark was used in violation of the agreement - she did not receive money for using the brand. Forbes writes about this with reference to the participants in the family business conflict.

Ekaterina Alexandrova is trying to prove that the companies Rostagroexport, Rostagrokompleks, Rostagroprodukt (and a number of related companies) used the trademark B.Yu. Alexandrov" in violation, namely, not paying royalties to Ekaterina for the use. Several lawsuits are registered in the file of cases, she estimates the total losses from violation of the contract at more than 1.5 billion rubles. In addition, Ekaterina demands the destruction of all branded products, which, in her opinion, have been illegally used. The rights to the daughter's brand were inherited after the death of the founder, Boris Alexandrov.

The rights were transferred to Alexandrova in December 2020, and at the end of January 2021, she and the group of companies agreed to use the brand to continue producing popular cheese curds. However, Aleksandrova did not receive money under the license agreement and filed the first claim for damages, in January 2022 she completely terminated the license agreement, however, Rostagrokompleks continued to produce goods under the famous brand, then Aleksandrova filed another claim demanding compensation for all losses, as well as to destroy all illegal products from circulation, including curds.

However, Alexandrova's demands may not be satisfied, since a lawsuit has been filed against her by Natalia Kokota, the adopted daughter of Boris Alexandrov. Natalya is trying to prove in court that her father could not sign a document transferring the rights to the brand in favor of Ekaterina, as he was in intensive care with complications from the coronavirus. Ekaterina, in turn, is also trying to challenge the fact of Kokota's adoption in court, insisting on its invalidity.

The prospects for Alexandrova's claims against Rostagrokompleks and its subsidiaries directly depend on court decisions in family proceedings. However, the production of the brand has definitely come to an end: in order not to create tension, the company decided to abandon the use of the famous brand and changed the name of curds and other products from “B.Yu. Aleksandrov" to "A. Rostagrocomplex. Products under the new brand have already arrived at the warehouses of retail chains and will soon appear on the shelves.

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