Ukraine and Moldova are candidates for the EU, a report on the downed MH17 by Russia, a lawsuit by Ukraine in the ECtHR against the Russian Federation. Highlights of the day

Ukraine filed a lawsuit with the ECtHR against Russia because of the war

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has filed a new lawsuit against Russia in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) because of the war. This was announced by the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denys Malyuska, the department reports on its Facebook page.

Ukraine in a lawsuit accuses the Russian authorities of violating the European Convention on Human Rights in connection with the illegal invasion.

“Continuing the aggression launched in 2014 in the south and east of Ukraine, the Russian Federation carried out a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, with the sole purpose of overthrowing the democratically elected government of Ukraine and further destroying sovereignty.”

Ukraine and Moldova become candidates for EU membership

Ukraine and Moldova have officially become candidates for membership in the European Union (EU). This was announced by the head of the European Council Charles Michel, as well as Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel.

Zelensky immediately commented on the decision on his Twitter page: “We sincerely welcome the decision of EU leaders to grant Ukraine candidate status. This is a unique and historic moment in relations between Ukraine and the European Union. Thanks to Charles Michel, Ursula von der Leyen and EU leaders for their support. The future of Ukraine in the EU”.

A brewery worth €345,000 and a cowshed worth $187 million were found at Putin's dacha - The Guardian

On the shores of Lake Ladoga, on the territory of the "Fisherman's Hut" , which locals call "Vladimir Putin's dacha", objects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were found. This was reported by The Guardian journalists in a joint investigation with the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP).

On the site are located:

  • a brewery with equipment for 345 thousand euros,
  • the building, which is listed as a "cow barn", for $187 million,
  • farm for the production of marbled beef.

PACE concluded that Russia shot down MH17 over Donbass

Boeing MH17 in July 2014 was shot down over the Donbass by a Russian Buk missile, according to a resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

The PACE said it was appalled at the "disinformation" spread by the Russian authorities. “The Russian authorities have gone so far as to present falsified data from radars, satellites and other data in order to hide the truth,” the report says. The Assembly called on Russia to cooperate, including providing proper satellite and radar data on the crash for the investigation, as well as formally apologizing to the relatives of the MH17 victims.

EU does not intend to blockade Kaliningrad - Josep Borrell

The European Union does not intend to block communication between Kaliningrad and Russia. This was stated by the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell. According to him, the Lithuanian authorities, which limited land transit with Kaliningrad, acted in accordance with EU sanctions. He added that the commission would "verify the guidelines submitted to Vilnius."

“The situation with Kaliningrad is not a blockade. We don't want to block traffic between Kaliningrad and Russia, but at the same time we need control to prevent circumvention of sanctions imposed by the EU. And it needs to be done at the same time, it's possible."

Britain imposes new sanctions against Russia

The UK has imposed new sanctions against Russia, according to the government website. The measures include a ban on sending pounds sterling and euros to Russia, a ban on the supply of jet fuel, goods and technologies related to work at sea. The sanctions also imply a ban on the provision of financial and brokerage services related to the import of iron and steel.

Died Yuri Shatunov

The soloist of "Tender May" Yuri Shatunov died. He was 48 years old, the cause was a massive heart attack.

Shatunov was a member of the Tender May group from 1986 to 1991. He performed the hits "White Roses", "Gray Night", "Pink Evening", "Childhood".

Nike finally leaves Russia

Nike has decided to finally leave the Russian market.

In May, it became known that Nike would close all stores in Russia after depleting its inventory, as the American company did not renew its franchise agreement with Inventive Retail Group (IRG). IRG (re:Store, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nike, Street Beat, Lego, UNOde50 chain stores) owned the country's largest single-brand Nike chain of stores (37 outlets).

Sberbank will leave Kazakhstan because of the war with Ukraine

Sberbank has decided to leave the Kazakh market and is negotiating the sale of its subsidiary to the state holding Baiterek, said Madina Abylkassymova, head of the republic's Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market.

The reason was the sanctions imposed on Sberbank because of the war in Ukraine, Abylkassymova specified: “It had correspondent accounts in foreign banks closed, and the ability to attract new financing was also limited. In this regard, Sberbank decided to sell its subsidiary bank in Kazakhstan. Currently, relevant negotiations are underway with the Baiterek holding regarding the sale of the bank.”

Germany puts on alert due to cuts in gas supplies from Russia

The German authorities have introduced an alarm mode due to the reduction in gas supplies from Russia, as well as the continuing high prices for the carrier. This was stated by the Minister of Economy of Germany, Vice-Chancellor Robert Habek. He also called the cuts in Russian gas supplies an "economic attack" on Germany.

The alarm mode is the second stage of the emergency plan in case of an emergency in the gas sector. The third stage, an emergency, will be introduced if the gas supply deteriorates so much that the situation can be corrected only with the help of state intervention.

The Ministry of Education wants to include the annexation of Crimea and the war with Ukraine in the "History of Russia"

The Ministry of Education has prepared amendments to the federal state educational standard (FSES). The department wants to include “reunification with Crimea and Sevastopol” and the so-called special operation in Ukraine in the “History of Russia” course. The amendments were developed on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin dated February 8, 2017.

"History (basic level) - the requirements for the subject results of mastering the basic history course should reflect ... an understanding of the causes and consequences of the collapse of the USSR, the revival of the Russian Federation as a world power, the reunification of Crimea with Russia, a special military operation in Ukraine."

Also, schoolchildren should know the main dates and stages of the formation of Russia in the "difficult 90s".

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