Ministry of Energy: shipment of Kazakh oil continues as usual. Previously, it was suspended due to mines from the Second World War

The terminal of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) in Novorossiysk is operating normally, according to the website of the Ministry of Energy. Part of the water area is further examined to identify explosive objects at the bottom.

“Shipments of Kazakh oil have been reduced slightly, the schedule is maintained in accordance with the applications of shippers,” the message says.

On June 16, Russia stopped the transportation of Kazakh oil until the end of the month. Kommersant, citing sources, wrote that this was due to the fact that 50 mines from the Second World War were found in the waters of the port of Novorossiysk.

Demining work was scheduled for June 20. The water area was completely closed to ship traffic. The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Bolat Akchulakov stated that the suspension of shipments would not affect the volumes of transportation of Kazakh oil. According to him, these are planned works:

“I said earlier that they are going to carry out seabed clean-up operations [at CPC] before carrying out seabed operations. There is ammunition from the Second World War, they are there in sufficient quantities, unfortunately.”

In March, CPC suspended the operation of two out of three remote mooring units (TLU) at the terminal near Novorossiysk: two hoses of the TLU-2 inner hose were damaged due to a storm and the frame of one of the TLU-30 floating hoses was displaced. The repair was completed in a month, the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan estimated the damage from the accident at 100–150 billion tenge ($218.5–327.8 million).

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