FSB detained a resident of Yakutia, he is suspected of trying to join the Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Baza

FSB officers detained a resident of Yakutsk on suspicion of trying to join the Legion "Freedom of Russia" - a division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, consisting of volunteers from Russia. Baza writes about it. There is no official confirmation from the department yet.

According to Baza, the detainee's name is Nikolai Okhlopkov, he is 27 years old. He was arrested on June 22. According to the publication, the investigation believes that in the near future Okhlopkov was going to leave for Ukraine in order to join the Legion of Freedom of Russia. Now Okhlopkov is in a pre-trial detention center, he is suspected of preparing to participate in an illegal armed formation.

Igor Volobuev, the former vice-president of Gazprombank, recently joined the Freedom of Russia Legion: “The Legion was created in March, it is part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is a special law that gives foreigners a legal opportunity to defend Ukraine,” Volobuev said in an interview with DW. – We serve, firstly, the Russians who lived in Ukraine before February 24 - someone had a temporary, and someone had a permanent residence permit, legal status. There are also Russian men who arrived later, after the creation of the legion. Their goal is also to protect their homeland: someone was born in Ukraine. For many, the goal is to change Putin's regime in Russia. There is still a part of the Russian military who were captured and decided to go over to the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

On April 26, it became known that Volobuev left Russia for Ukraine, where he was born and where he wanted to return since 2004. He condemned the Russian invasion and announced that he was going to fight for Ukraine. Later it became known that all funds disappeared from his accounts in Gazprombank.

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