Assistants to deputies “recommended” not to travel abroad – Vedomosti

Assistants to State Duma deputies were “recommended” not to go abroad on vacation. This was reported by the Vedomosti newspaper with reference to four sources in the State Duma.

“When applying for a vacation in the personnel department, it is now required to manually write on the form that“ vacation abroad is not planned, ”said one of the interlocutors of the publication.

According to him, conversations are now being held with the assistants of the deputies, in which they are explained that there is now a “difficult geopolitical situation” in the world, so it is better not to travel abroad. At the same time, the assistants are not explained what the punishment for breaking the promise can be.

According to another source of the publication, the requirement operates "at the level of advice and recommendations and there are no sanctions or restrictions." “It is normal practice for a boss to know where a subordinate spends his holidays,” the source said.

Another Vedomosti source says that assistants to deputies can travel to the CSTO countries without restrictions.

The deputies themselves, at least from United Russia, after the start of the war, were also obliged to warn the leadership about all planned trips abroad.

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