A brewery worth €345,000 and a cowshed worth $187 million were found at Putin’s dacha near Lake Ladoga – The Guardian

On the shores of Lake Ladoga, on the territory of the Fisherman's Hut , which locals call "Vladimir Putin's dacha", there are objects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars - and this is not counting the main house with a roof equipped for a helipad. This conclusion was reached by The Guardian journalists in a joint investigation with the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP).

In particular, thanks to the leak of thousands of e-mails sent by two construction companies, journalists claim that this site, among other things, is located:

  • a brewery with equipment for 345 thousand euros,
  • the building, which is listed as a "cow barn", for $187 million,
  • farm for the production of marbled beef.

For the first time, the Dozhd TV channel spoke about the connections of this object with Putin. Journalists discovered that the building and the land adjacent to it were registered to companies owned by Putin's ally Yuri Kovalchuk, the main shareholder of Rossiya Bank.

According to local residents, the road in this place is blocked by a barrier, which is guarded by employees of the Federal Security Service when “VIP guests” arrive there.

Now, according to the project documentation, there are two main buildings on the territory. On the roof of the first, "relatively modest" building is a helipad. The second building in the documentation is listed as a "garden house".

During the construction of the latter, semi-precious stones were used, and the floor in it is covered with Fior di Bosco marble worth $110,000; bidets with mixers for $10,800 are installed in the toilets. The total cost of plumbing in each of the six bathrooms of the house is estimated at more than 3 million rubles (about $46,000). Handles for the shower in the house cost 300 thousand rubles. In the center of the building is an indoor pool with its own decorative waterfall.

The journalists also found a livestock farm where wagyu bulls are raised, which are used to produce marbled beef. In 2018, another building began to be built on the territory, which according to the documents passes as a “cowshed”, however, according to investigators, there are no cows there. The whole complex costs about $187 million. On the ground floor there is a dining area of ​​200 square meters. m, in this area behind a glass partition there is a kitchen with a grill and a smokehouse. There is a brewery on the second floor of the building, the cost of Austrian equipment in it is 345 thousand euros. The text notes that it can produce up to 47 liters of beer per day. In 2021, another two-story building with bedrooms began to be built on the site, which, presumably, the servants will be able to use as a warehouse for fish, meat and vegetables and additional kitchen facilities.

Earlier, Meduza and the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime found more than 80 companies, united by the LLCInvest.ru email domain, that own palaces, resorts, yachts, planes and bank accounts, including those associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin. These companies own assets worth at least $4.5 billion, including a palace in Gelendzhik. These are mansions, business-class planes, yachts - and just bank accounts with huge amounts of money. Meduza emphasizes that the LLC Invest scheme may not be limited to 86 companies, and the true scale of this structure remains unknown.

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