The State Duma wanted to improve the image of the Russian Guard and create video games with the security forces – Kommersant

State Duma deputies wanted to improve the image of the National Guard by integrating fighters into existing video games (for example, Caliber from 1C) or by creating a separate computer game with security forces. According to Kommersant, the National Guard is considering the idea from a letter from the head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Alexander Khinshtein, sent on May 27 to the Director of the National Guard Viktor Zolotov.

“The use of such forms of media communication in order to promote patriotic values, create a positive image of the National Guard, glorify the department and its history can be extremely important.”

Khinshtein explained to the publication that the Russian Guard, as “the youngest law enforcement agency, located at the forefront of the fight against crime, terrorism, protecting the territorial integrity of the country”, it is advisable to use “new forms of media communications”. In addition, such an approach "it is advisable to expand to other law enforcement agencies," he added.

At the same time, a source in a major international game studio expressed doubt that any Russian company would take on the project, as it is “unambiguous propaganda and huge risks.”

“Even an attempt to integrate the service into an existing game will instantly lead to sanctions against both the company and specific developers.”

On March 24, it became known that 12 fighters of the Russian Guard from the Krasnodar OMON refused to go to Ukraine. According to Pavel Chikov, a lawyer and head of the Agora International Human Rights Group, on February 25, police captain Farid Chitav, a platoon commander of the Plastun OMON operational company of the Russian Guard in the Krasnodar Territory, and 11 fighters from his company refused to obey the order of the detachment commander to cross the border of the Russian Federation and further passage to the territory of Ukraine.

Since February 6, the OMON detachment from Krasnodar has been in the Republic of Crimea, where it was sent to conduct the Zaslon-2022 exercises. The fighters of the National Guard were returned to Krasnodar, they were subjected to an official check and dismissed from service. The refusal to carry out the order was explained by the fighters of the Russian Guard as illegal. None of them had a foreign passport with them, nor any intention to leave the territory of Russia, since their direct official duties were limited to the territory of the Russian Federation. Rosgvardeytsy consider the dismissal illegal and filed a lawsuit for reinstatement.

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