Russia uses deepfakes about Zelensky and false “fact-checking” against Ukraine – Google

Jared Cohen, head of Google subsidiary Jigsaw, spoke about how Russia is waging a digital war against Ukraine. His speech was held within the framework of the meeting of the UN Security Council.

According to Google, since 2014, Ukraine has been regularly subjected to complex cyberattacks - more than any other country. Cohen identified five areas.

  • Cyber ​​attacks on critical infrastructure. These include DDoS attacks and attacks that exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities. As a rule, they are directed to the websites of banks, government services and NGOs.
  • Fakes and deepfakes. Speaking about deepfakes, Cohen mentioned a video in which Vladimir Zelensky allegedly uses drugs. Also, according to him, Russia is trying to attribute crimes to Ukrainians that they did not commit.
  • False "fact-checking". Kremlin “whistleblowers” ​​reveal the “deceptions” of Ukrainians in order to make them look like liars.
  • Provocations and justification of violence with the help of false information. For example, the use of the word "Nazis" in relation to Ukrainians in order to expose them as enemies. According to Cohen, this could be the reason why the Russian military is committing war crimes.
  • Connecting the occupied territories to the Russian Internet and isolation from the Ukrainian one.

Fakes and "revelations" are one of the Kremlin's most popular tools. The Insider regularly debunks the myths created by Russian propaganda in the "Antifake" section.

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