In Yakutia, the An-30 plane disappeared. According to Interfax sources, it crashed while landing.

On June 22, in Yakutia, according to Interfax sources, the An-30 aerial surveillance and aerial photography aircraft stopped communicating. According to SHOT, the plane went missing in the Oleneksky district, about 30 kilometers from the Olenyok airport, where it was supposed to land. Now the Mi-8 helicopter is looking for him.

Updated at 13:25 (Moscow time): according to an Interfax source in air traffic control, the An-30 crashed in Yakutia while landing.

An-30 is used for aerial photography of the area when compiling maps. It is used by Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and other countries for observation flights under the international Open Skies Treaty. In addition to shooting, it is also used in military aviation for aerial reconnaissance.

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