“I don’t divide civilians into right and wrong.” BadComedian donates the last of its ad revenue to war victims

Blogger BadComedian (pseudonym Yevgeny Bazhenov) sent the proceeds from monetization to charity to civilians affected by the war in Ukraine, “along one and the other front line.” He announced this in his Telegram channel.

According to him, we are talking about the “last receipt of monetization” – that is, before YouTube turned off the montage function for users from Russia due to the war.

Bazhenov’s statement came after pro-government Telegram channels wrote that he allegedly donated about 400,000 rubles to “people in need in Donbas.” “I didn’t really want it to be forced, but since it happened,” Bazhenov wrote. - Part went to civilians on one front line, part to civilians on the other, they looked at me on both sides, and I don’t divide civilians into right and wrong. Excuse me. So it goes".

American Daily Newspaper

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