Occupation authorities are evicting Mariupol residents from dilapidated houses to the street for symbolic compensation – “We can explain”

The Russian "authorities" who have occupied Mariupol are evicting the inhabitants of the city from their dilapidated houses. Buildings will be demolished without the consent of the residents, in return they will be paid symbolic compensation. The Telegram channel “We can explain” writes about this.

A resident of Mariupol Dmitry told the publication that representatives of the occupation administration do not provide people with temporary housing. “People just don’t believe that their houses will be restored, and they say that it’s better to live in a broken, but your own, than to wait for empty promises,” he says. Dmitry's friends and relatives remained in the occupied ruined city.

According to him, the Russian "authorities" also do not answer questions about compensation. Earlier, a decree dated June 13 appeared on the DPR website, which states that residents evicted from their homes are offered 16,000 rubles per square meter of living space. The document is currently unavailable. Thus, notes “We can explain”, you can get half a million for a one-room apartment, about 800 thousand for a two-room apartment.

In order to receive compensation, residents of the city are invited to fill out a special form. It says that the money is provided for the demolition of housing "damaged as a result of the aggression of the Armed Forces and armed formations of Ukraine."

American Daily Newspaper

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