Finland from July 1 will again begin issuing visas to Russians. But Russia maintains restrictions on leaving the country

From June 30, Finland lifts anti-COVID restrictions on entry into the country, and from July 1, it starts issuing tourist visas to Russians again. This was reported on the website of the Finnish Embassy in Russia.

Neither a vaccination certificate nor a PCR test is required to enter the country. At the same time, Russia maintains restrictions on its part, so it will not be possible to get to Finland directly for now, only with a transfer, for example, in Istanbul. “The restrictions imposed by Russia on crossing the border after June 30 are not yet known. Accurate information about this is provided by the competent authorities of Russia, ”the message says.

You can apply for a visa at the visa centers - but only by appointment. Applications will be considered according to the current visa code of the European Union. “There is a valid Visa Facilitation Agreement between the EU and Russia, but due to sanctions, the application of a number of its provisions has been partially suspended. On the part of the EU, the suspension of the Agreement concerns representatives of official Russian delegations, in particular, diplomats and businessmen.

American Daily Newspaper

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