Daria Navalnaya: “A prison was built for my father in a prison, they don’t let him go anywhere, people are not allowed to communicate with him”

Daria Navalnaya, daughter of the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Alexei Navalny, told CNN in an interview that her father was completely deprived of communication and the opportunity to receive information in the strict regime colony in Melehovo.

“They fenced off a separate barrack on the territory, building a prison inside the prison so that he could not speak in public and to isolate him from any information. They don’t let him go anywhere, people are not allowed to communicate with him, ”Navalnaya said.

According to her, these conditions would become "psychological torture for anyone."

In mid-June, Navalny announced that he had been transferred to Vladimir IK-6 with a strict regime. A letter was published on Navalny's social networks, in which the oppositionist says that he is now quarantined in IK-6 Melehovo and describes what he saw in the colony.

IK-6 is known for reports of torture of prisoners. So, in 2021, Pavel Zotov, who was in prison in the Vladimir region from 2009 to 2021, spoke about bullying. He recalled that in IK-6 convicts in police clothes laid him on the floor, undressed him, tied his hands and feet and beat him with a truncheon on his heels and groin. In December 2021, 27-year-old prisoner Zhobir Zhuraev said that guards and prisoners collaborating with the administration systematically beat him, tortured him, starved him and threatened him with rape.

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