Recognition of “DPR” and “LPR” by Russia included in the Russian school history curriculum

The recognition by Russia of the so-called DPR and LPR was included in the Russian school history curriculum. This became known from the draft program of the course "Introduction to the Modern History of Russia" for the 9th grade. It was published by the Federal State Institution "Institute for Educational Strategy of the Russian Academy of Education".

As noted by Taiga.Info, the program is almost the same as the previous year. There is also "the reunification of Crimea with Russia", and "an all-Russian vote on amendments to the Constitution." In the project, the theme of the self-proclaimed republics is called "Recognition by Russia of the DNR and LNR (2022)". Its content has not been disclosed.

In early June, the Federation Council committee on science, education and culture asked the chairman of the Russian Historical Society (and head of the Foreign Intelligence Service) Sergey Naryshkin to examine school history textbooks and check whether they correspond to the historical and cultural standard. According to the committee's deputy chairman Ekaterina Altabayeva, the current situation requires special attention to the content of history, Russian language, literature, and social science textbooks. “Today it is one of the components of the country's national security,” she said.

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