In Germany, for the first time, real estate was confiscated from Russians due to sanctions

The Munich prosecutor's office and the Federal Criminal Police Office confiscated the property of Russian citizens after the imposition of sanctions due to the war in Ukraine, n-tv channel reports . It is reported that we are talking about three apartments in the capital of Bavaria and a bank account "for the transfer of rent."

The names of the owners of the property have not been released. It is known that this is a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and his wife, who lives in Munich. The Bavarian authorities are investigating the couple because they violated European sanctions. Punishment under this article provides for imprisonment for a term of three months to 5 years. The suspected deputy is expected in Germany - he can come and declare his innocence or appeal against being included in the EU sanctions list.

This is the first time that Russians' assets have been seized in Germany due to sanctions. The apartments were confiscated, not “frozen”, since the owner received the rent, that is, the profit. Currently, a specially created by the German government working group on the implementation of EU sanctions checks all information about the assets of Russians in the country.

The EU has imposed six packages of sanctions against Russia. Thus, according to the EC, the EU countries have frozen the assets of Russian individuals and companies for ten billion euros, writes RIA Novosti. For the confiscated funds, there are no exact figures yet. According to Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, about half, or about $300 billion, of the country's gold and foreign exchange reserves have been frozen.

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