Students of the Novosibirsk Pedagogical University were offered business trips to the occupied regions of Ukraine – “Taiga.Info”

Students of the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (NSPU) were offered to go on a business trip to the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops. Taiga.Info writes about this, referring to a copy of the message available to the editors.

The publication reports that a message appeared in NSPU student chats with a call to work "in the regions of Zaporozhye and Kherson." The Ministry of Education of the Novosibirsk Region proposed to “nominate candidates for a business trip”, the tasks of which will be “ensuring the start of the school year, organizing educational and educational work, and working with children.”

On a business trip, teachers are required in all subjects for the period from August to October. They are promised 7,000 rubles per day, the preservation of their main job, as well as transfer and accommodation.

"Taiga.Info" adds that the phone number of the current NSPU teacher is indicated as a contact in the message.

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