Since the beginning of the war, 5,448 civilian objects have been damaged in the Mykolaiv region – Mykolaiv OVA

In the Nikolaev region, as a result of the invasion of Russian troops, 5448 civilian objects were partially or completely damaged. This was reported by the press service of the Nikolaev regional military administration.

Among the destroyed buildings:

  • housing facilities - 3565,
  • medical institutions - 37,
  • educational institutions - 218,
  • cultural institutions - 99,
  • objects of industrial enterprises - 49,
  • gas supply facilities - 631,
  • power supply - 406,
  • water supply - 23,
  • heat supply - 71,
  • other non-military objects - 349.

The report says that at present power supply, water supply, drainage are damaged in 93 settlements of the Bashtansky and Nikolaevsky districts. In the Nikolaev region, work continues to restore gas and electricity supply. Now 7154 consumers remain without gas supply.

Despite ample evidence of shelling of Ukraine's civilian infrastructure, Russia continues to claim that it is only targeting military targets. So, at the end of March, the Russian military fired at the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Drobitsky Yar near Kharkov. On March 1, a rocket attack in Kiev during the shelling of a TV tower hit the territory of the Babi Yar memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust.

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