Russia used at least 210 banned munitions against Ukraine – NYT

Russia has used at least 210 munitions against Ukraine that are prohibited by international treaties. The New York Times writes about it.

The publication analyzed more than a thousand images taken at the war in Ukraine, as well as visual evidence provided by the Ukrainian government and military departments. On them, journalists identified a total of more than 2 thousand ammunition, most of which were unguided.

Of these, more than 210 were banned by international treaties. Most of the prohibited munitions are cluster munitions, as well as submunitions, which can pose a danger to civilians for decades after the end of the war. In addition, the NYT estimates that more than 330 other munitions were used against or near civilian targets.

The publication emphasizes that this is an underestimate, as the calculation is complicated by active hostilities. Also, some of the identified ammunition could have been used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the defense. However, data indicate that in most cases they were used by Russian troops.

Reports that Russia is using cluster munitions against Ukraine have been appearing since the beginning of the war. So, in early April, Nikolaev was subjected to shelling by Russian cluster shells. Investigators from the Conflict Intelligence Team told The Insider that this confirms the nature of the damage.

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