In Crimea, they will demolish a car service, which refused to service a military truck with the letter Z

A service station in the Krasnogvardeisky district of Crimea, where they refused to service a military truck with the Z symbol, will be demolished. The head of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov , told RIA Novosti that the car service was built illegally.

According to the decision of the administration, the owner is obliged to demolish the car service within 14 days. “He enjoys the benefits of a citizen of a great power - let him live according to the law. He may not love our power - you won’t be forced to be nice. But you have to respect her. Across Russia, it’s better to let it not get any more. And I don’t advise others like that, ”said Konstantinov.

On June 13, a video was published on the Argumenty i Fakty Youtube channel, in which a Russian military man complains that his truck with the letter Z was refused service in a car service. According to him, the employees of the service said that "the military is not being helped."

The owner of the car service posted a video in which he explains that the truck was refused to be repaired due to the lack of the necessary equipment. He added that his social media users began to accuse him of links with Ukraine because of the country's flag published on the Vkontakte page.

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