Avtozak LIVE refuses to cooperate with journalists remaining in Russia

The Avtozak LIVE publication, which writes about the protests in Russia, has refused to cooperate with journalists who have remained in Russia and is closing bureaus in the country. This was reported in the Telegram channel of the project. Most of the publication's employees left the country after the start of the war and the intensification of repressions, but the correspondents of the publication continued to work in four regions of Russia until June 17.

“We have been delaying this moment for a long time, but now every day it becomes only more dangerous to write about the war and the events around it. Part of the team left the country; those who remained in Russia no longer cooperate with us on a permanent basis. Now the paddy wagon has traveled around the world - now our team is in Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Europe. We are thinking about how to redesign the format, since most of the content was filmed by our correspondents. Now they are gone,” project coordinator Maxim Kondratiev told OVD-info.

The project will continue to collaborate with authors and photographers who do not write about the war in Ukraine and "have nothing to do with our media project," according to Avtozak LIVE.

American Daily Newspaper

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