At least 322 children died during the war in Ukraine – Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine

During the war in Ukraine, at least 322 children were killed, more than 581 were injured, according to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine. The agency emphasizes that this is not final data, since the count of victims is carried out in the temporarily occupied and liberated territories, as well as in places of active hostilities.

Most children were affected in:

  • Donetsk region - 301,
  • Kharkiv region - 170,
  • Kyiv region - 116,
  • Chernihiv region - 68,
  • Lugansk region - 54,
  • Kherson region - 52,
  • Nikolaev region - 48,
  • Zaporozhye region - 30,
  • Sumy region - 17.

The Prosecutor General's Office writes about the latest recorded cases. During the detection of criminal offenses, it became known about the death of two girls of 12 years old and a five-year-old boy of a girl. They died as a result of Russian shelling of Mariupol between March and May.

In addition, Russian troops, despite statements that they are shelling exclusively on military infrastructure, continue to destroy educational institutions in Ukraine. They damaged 2028 buildings, 209 of which were completely destroyed.

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