Slovakia donated five Mi helicopters and “thousands of rockets for Grads” to Ukraine

Slovakia has donated five Soviet-style Mi attack helicopters and several thousand missiles for the Grad MLRS to Ukraine. Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nagy announced this on his Twitter.

“The entire democratic world is helping Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression,” he wrote.

The delivery includes four Mi-17 and one Mi-2 helicopters. In the Slovak armed forces, this technique has already been replaced by American UH-60M helicopters, Nagy added.

Germany also announced additional deliveries of weapons to Ukraine. In August, the country will deliver three more MLRS to Kiev after the Ukrainian military learns how to use this equipment, German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht told reporters.

In recent weeks, Ukraine has several times stated about the lack of shells and weapons and heavy losses. “Now it’s a war of artillery,” said Vadim Skibitsky, deputy head of Ukraine’s military intelligence. “And we are losing it.”

American Daily Newspaper

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