Referendum on accession of “DPR” to Russia will be held by the end of the year, after the completion of the “special operation” in Ukraine – Pushilin

The "DPR" will hold a referendum on the accession of the unrecognized republic to Russia after the completion of the "special operation" in Ukraine. The head of the "DPR" Denis Pushilintold RIA Novosti about this. He himself believes that this will happen by the end of the year.

“I really hope so,” Pushilin said in response to a question whether he agreed with the assessment of the duration of the “special operation” by State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov.

After that, according to Pushilin, it will be possible to hold a referendum. “We are now focused on a special military operation, the liberation of territories. We will ask this question <about the referendum - The Insider> in full, so that we can talk about the form, timing and other things, only after the "special military operation". It will be right,” Pushilin said.

Earlier, the occupying authorities of the Kherson region asked to include it in Russia without any referendum by the end of the year. They justified their decision to abandon the referendum by the reaction of the world community to a similar experience in Crimea. Preparations for integration began two months ago, in particular, they launched the railway. Earlier, Volodymyr Zelensky said that in the event of the proclamation of the KhNR, Ukraine would withdraw from any negotiations with Russia.

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