Izvestia published a fake “secret document of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine” in a strange mixture of Ukrainian and Russian

A photograph of another Ukrainian “secret document” has appeared on the Telegram channel of the Izvestia newspaper, related to the mysterious Ukrainian biological laboratories cooperating with the United States. The document is commented as follows:

“The secret document of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine appeared at the disposal of Izvestia. It says that Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree on the destruction of all these employees of Ukrainian enterprises who collaborated with the US military biological laboratories of Metabiota and the Battelle Memorial Institute.
According to the document, the data of military personnel, civilian employees and personnel of three organizations are subject to destruction: the Center for Public Health of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Anti-Plague Institute. Mechnikov and Zhytomyr Laboratory Center for Transport.

"Sensation" was immediately picked up by "Vzglyad", the REN TV channel, "Tsargrad" and others. True, the document turned out to be a crude fake.

The Insider has already written about the “secret documents” of the Azov Regiment, the text of which the creators of the fake carefully translated into Ukrainian, but forgot about the “secret” stamp and left it in Russian instead of the Ukrainian “taєmno”. Perhaps, having been taught by that story, the authors of the new document labeled “secretly” successfully coped. But they clearly have big problems with the Ukrainian language.

In the meaning of "private matter" in the document, the expression "special officer on the right" is used. "Osobisty" really means "personal", but the Russian word has different meanings, which are translated into Ukrainian in different ways. In this case, it would be correct "person on the right." In the manual on the Ukrainian language in office work, the difference between these two words is explained as follows:

“Speciality - which is the property of an individual, directly belonging to him, personal; directly related to a certain person: personal belongings, personal protection, personal preferences.
Special - relating to the face; open to an individual: personal certificate, personnel, personal file, personal account.

That is, the document does indeed say "private matter", but approximately in the same meaning as in the phrase "this does not concern you, this is my personal matter." This alone suggests that the text was translated from Russian. But there are other signs as well.

In the upper right part of the document there is a confirmation of the registration of the order in the SBU records management system, and the following address is indicated there:

"Security Service of Ukraine
st. Volodymyrska, 33,
Kiev, 01601

What language is it written in? A street in Ukrainian is a street, a city is mysto. It would be correct "vul. Volodymyrska, m. Kiev. And the abbreviations in the Izvestia document are undoubted evidence of an unsuccessful translation from Russian.

Among other things, as a source in the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine told The Insider , the word “bezpeki” in the full name of the SBU is written with a lower case letter, and confirmation of registration in the electronic record keeping system should be located at the bottom of the document, not at the top.

Finally, in the confirmation there is a line “clause 1.13VDT-2020”. This is a reference to a paragraph of the order of the head of the SBU adopted in 2020 “On the approval of the Code of information constituting a state secret” (the abbreviation ZVDT means “Zvod vodomosti to establish a state secret”). But there is no paragraph 1.13 in this order. There is clause 1.1.3 - "Information on the content of documents on command and control of troops (forces), which reveal, by individual indicators, the issues of training, organization, conduct of hostilities, disposition of troops (forces)." What relation to such information may have the destruction of personal files of employees of medical institutions, it is not clear.

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