IKEA leaves Russia. The company announced the “reduction of the scale of business” in the country and the “optimization” of employees

IKEA, which suspended operations in Russia in March due to the war with Ukraine, is finally leaving the country. This is with reference to information announced by the company's management at an online meeting with its Russian employees, reports Baza.

“At the meeting, it was announced that the company would no longer work in Russia. IKEA offers its employees dismissal by agreement of the parties with the payment of several salaries. IKEA factories will be sold to a new owner,” the publication says.

The press service of the Russian IKEA told RBC that the company has made a "decision to reduce the scale of business in Russia." “Over the past few months, the situation with business processes and supply chains around the world has deteriorated greatly. In view of this, we do not see the possibility of resuming sales in the foreseeable future,” the press service said. “This is a difficult decision, but we believe it is necessary. IKEA's retail business in Russia remains on pause. This decision will entail optimization, which will also affect many employees.”

At the same time, Mega shopping centers, which belong to IKEA, will continue to operate in Russia, the company's press service reported . About 15 thousand employees work in Russian IKEA. The company also owns four factories - the search for new owners for them has already begun, RBC was told in the company's press service.

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