Gazprom began to cut gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream

Gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream gas pipeline will be reduced by 60% of the declared capacity. This is evidenced by the data of the state-owned company Gazprom, which reported that from June 16, it will reduce the gas supply through the pipeline to 67 million cubic meters per day.

“In connection with the end of the time between overhauls before overhaul (in accordance with the instructions of Rostekhnadzor and taking into account the technical condition of the engine), Gazprom stops the operation of another Siemens gas turbine engine at the Portovaya CS,” the company said in a statement.

Officially, Gazprom explains the reduction in gas supplies by the refusal of the German company to return the gas turbine of the pipeline to the Russian side. The German concern Siemens previously explained that it could not do this due to the sanctions of Canada, after which it took a break for proceedings. Now Gazprom is stopping the operation of the second turbine, which will lead to a reduction in supplies via Nord Stream by about 2/3, while in May Russia was steadily pumping the full volume of gas - 170 million cubic meters per day. At the Portovaya compressor station, three German-made gas turbines previously operated.

In Germany, they have already reacted to the decision of Gazprom: German Economy Minister Robert Habek, and later Chancellor Olaf Scholz , called the decision of the Russian company politically motivated. They are confident that the decision to cut gas supplies is not related to technical problems.

To date, Nord Stream has remained the main gas pipeline in Europe, its capacity is estimated at 170 million cubic meters of gas per day. Also, about 40 million cubic meters of gas are supplied to Europe from Russia through the Ukrainian system and about 20 million more through Turkish pipelines.

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