Direct flights from Russia to only 19 countries – BBC News

The number of direct flights from Russia decreased by 62% after the start of the war, now you can only get to 19 countries without transfers. This is with reference to the data of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) and its own calculations , according to the BBC Russian Service.

“Two days before the start of the war, it was possible to fly from Russia on direct flights to almost 50 countries of the world. True, about a dozen of them still did not accept tourists from Russia due to covid restrictions. However, during the war, many such restrictions in the world were lifted. If there had been no war, then from Russia in early June it would have been possible to fly to a much larger number of directions, ”the publication says.

The United States, Canada and most European countries, with the exception of Serbia, have banned Russian aircraft from being in their airspace. Also, many Western carriers stopped flying to Russia. Now, in order to get to countries with closed skies, Russians need to fly with transfers: through Istanbul, Serbia, or the countries of the Persian Gulf.

Communication within the country has also been reduced: on the day the war began, February 24, the Federal Air Transport Agency banned flights to 11 airports in southern Russia. Since then, the ban has been extended 18 times, the last time until June 18. Of the popular southern destinations, now you can only fly to Sochi.

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