Officials of St. Petersburg receive a profit of 300% on the sale and purchase of summer cottages using a corruption scheme – “Dossier”

Officials of St. Petersburg receive a profit of 300% from the sale and purchase of summer cottages along the Gulf of Finland, investigators from the Dossier Center and the Novaya Gazeta publication found out . Europe". The journalists came to the conclusion that if you have the "necessary connections" through the city dacha enterprise "Prigorodnoye" real estate can be purchased "for a pittance".

In particular, in 2017, the wife of the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, Maxim Meiksin, Tatyana, rented two houses through Prigorodnoye for 15 years, although, according to the rules of a summer cottage, rent is possible for no more than a year. In March 2020, the city put these houses up for auction with a minimum price of 7.5 million rubles. No one, except Tatyana Meiksina, claimed the houses, as they were sold together with a “burden” in the form of a 15-year lease.

Cottages rented by Tatyana Meiksina. Source: Dossier Center

In 2020, Meiksina privatized plots at houses with a total area of ​​33 acres for 12,000 rubles, and sold them a year later. At what price - it is not known exactly, but, judging by the announcement, she asked for 41 million rubles for the plot. According to journalists, the profit in this way could be at least 30 million rubles.

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Maxim Meiksin, in response to journalists' questions, commented on this deal as follows: "In general, the information provided in the request does not correspond to reality." Maxim Meiksin declined to comment further, as "the information requested by the editors does not relate to the subject of the professional work of the vice-governor of St. Petersburg."

“And there are hundreds of such cases. On gray schemes, the city could lose about two billion rubles, and St. Petersburg officials, their relatives and partners regularly turned out to be happy buyers, ”the authors of the investigation write.

According to the data provided by the organizer of the auction, the Property Fund of St. Petersburg, in 2010-2012, approximately 350 dachas with land plots (589,567 sq. m. or 60 hectares) were sold at an average price of approximately 417 thousand rubles per hundred square meters. For three years the city received 2.435 billion rubles.

“According to Rosreestr, the cadastral value of these lands is about 4 billion rubles. We cannot establish or calculate the market value of such a number of plots, but in the Kurortny District it can never be lower than the cadastral one, it can only be higher, sometimes by several times. In total, about half, consider stolen. In absolute numbers - about a billion, ”dossier writes.

Among those who enjoy the right to a multi-year lease are former chairmen of the St. Petersburg electoral committee Alexander Gnetov and Alexei Puchnin, deputy of the legislature Yuri Avdeev, chairman of the city committee for culture and sports Anton Shantyr. Three long-term leases at once ended up with people associated with the former vice-governor of St. Petersburg, and now the head of the administration of the Frunzensky district of the city, Konstantin Serov.

Dacha of the former chairman of the St. Petersburg electoral committee Alexei Puchin. Source: Dossier Center

As Dossier notes, while preparations were underway for the publication of the investigation, a report on the inspection of Prigorodny appeared on the website of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Control and Accounts (KSP).

The PCB states that it has discovered the existence of a “built-in system of actions of interested parties aimed at removing state-owned dacha fund objects from state ownership and, subsequently, expensive land plots under them at significantly underpriced prices (from 27 to 72%), using the mechanism of fictitious encumbrance in in the form of "long-term" lease agreements with persons who are the actual buyers of these plots.


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