Moscow exchange left clients without trading in Swiss francs

The Moscow Exchange stopped organized trading in the Swiss franc in the currency section. This is stated in the message of the trading platform.

Moscow Exchange claims that problems with the organization of trading are caused by sanctions from Switzerland on June 10. The restrictions will affect the currency pairs "Swiss franc - Russian ruble" and "Swiss franc - US dollar" in exchange and over-the-counter trading.

“Fulfillment of obligations under previously concluded transactions continues as usual. At the same time, it is possible to increase the terms for crediting Swiss francs to customer accounts,” the exchange said in a statement.

The trading platform notes that it is currently negotiating with correspondent banks in order to resume trading, but the message does not say anything about the prospects for negotiations.

On June 10, the Swiss authorities really introduced new restrictions against Russia, joining the sixth package of sanctions of the European Union, however, there was no talk in the official document about blocking work with the franc for Russia. The ban on the import and use of the euro for Russia was introduced in early March, while Switzerland joined these restrictions on March 4.


American Daily Newspaper

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