Fake Dmitry Kiselyov: a company of “fighting pederasts” “Blue Oyster” operates in the Ukrainian defense system

One of the accusatory monologues in Vesti Nedeli, Dmitry Kiselyov, dedicated to sexual minorities in the Ukrainian troops. The reason was two interviews with gay military men that appeared in foreign media. Kiselyov, who once called for the burning of gay hearts as "unsuitable material," said:

“At a time when the allied forces of Russia and Donbass are methodically grinding Nazi units, Ukraine needs at least a different kind of victory. Ingenuity in a European way offers the public a new topic - LGBT troops that rise to battle with "dense" Russia. There are two goals here. The first is to show how liberal and free the European world of Ukraine is. Like, what kind of Nazism, if we have gays in the troops are quite organic? The second is to distract the public from the real state of affairs on the fronts by throwing in a new and cheerful topic.

Kiselyov's assessment of the situation on the fronts, to put it mildly, is rather controversial: something is not visible in significant military successes of the Russian troops, if they grind something, it is mainly residential areas of Severodonetsk and Slavyansk. And about gays, the presenter continues:

“The reality in the Ukrainian army grows out of all this is different, much more rough and unsightly. Here's a "fighting pederast" for you. We're only showing this because it's already posted online. And no secrets. Nikolai Khudyakov from military unit A7286 of the Kharkov Terodefense, whose company has already been nicknamed the “Blue Oyster”. The company commander, against the will of the fighter, “roasted him under the tail.” Such is the trench reality.
The company "Blue Oyster" of the Kharkiv Terodefense still exists, its commander with the call sign "Ghost" - too. Without any unicorns on chevrons, without gay parades and colored Mohawks. Routine and simple. So it turns out that LGBT gloss is one thing, and the trench truth of specific destinies is another. But there is a connection. One justifies the other. Attractive?

The story about the "Blue Oyster" is taken from a one and a half minute video of the interrogation of a Ukrainian prisoner, published by the Older Edda Telegram channel. Captive in a flat voice, without the slightest emotion, like a learned text, says : “In the defense since February 26. Fighting faggot." When asked what “fighting faggot” means, he answers in the same tone: “The company commander roasted me under the tail on orders.” And when asked if he is a homosexual, he answers: “No, not a homosexual. I obeyed the order." The captive does not pronounce the name "Blue Oyster", it appears only in the caption to the video. Perhaps this is an unfunny joke of the channel's author German Kulikovsky.

An unnaturally calm voice and obvious terminological confusion (he calls himself a fag but does not recognize himself as a homosexual) give the impression of an extreme implausibility of the prisoner's statement. Before taking this on faith, it would be natural to check what is known about the orders in the military unit A7286 from other sources. But absolutely nothing is known. No one, except for one prisoner, speaks a word about these amazing customs (and he claims that he was not the only one with whom the commander did this) in the 120th separate battalion of the 113th brigade of the territorial defense from the city of Dergachi, Kharkov region. The name "Blue Oyster" in relation to the Ukrainian theological defense, as well as the story of the rape of a soldier, is found on the Internet only in connection with the statement of the prisoner, published by the Older Edda channel.

It remains only to add that the Kremlin propagandists picked up this story quite amicably. In addition to Kiselyov, Izvestia, Gazeta.ru, Argumenty i Fakty, the REN TV channel, Tsargrad, News.ru, Inforeactor and others told about the allegedly raped prisoner. And the Telegram channel “Come and See” writes about the “blue 113th brigade” at all. And they all rely on a single dubious source.


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