The Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany called on the German government to allow the country to provide Marder infantry fighting vehicles

Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk on his Twitter addressed the government of Germany with a demand to allow the country to provide the country with Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

“Why are you denying the Ukrainian army these Marder armored personnel carriers, available immediately from Rheinmetall, while Ukraine in the Donbas is bleeding before our eyes? 109 days of Russian extermination war. Why?” Miller wrote.

Earlier it became known that the Rheinmetall concern upgraded part of the Marder armored vehicles and is ready to transfer several of them to Ukraine. However, the German government must make such a decision.

On June 12, Der Spiegel also reported that Germany had not allowed Spain to transfer German Leopard 2 A4 tanks to Ukraine.

Spain planned to transfer 40 tanks produced in the 90s to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to international rules, she had to preliminarily coordinate the transfer with the tank-producing country, but did not do this. In addition, according to Der Spiegel, Germany warned Spain that this move would be a retreat from the decision taken by all Western allies not to supply Ukraine with tanks.

According to Business Insider, as a result, the Spanish authorities apologized to Germany for the inconvenience caused. If Berlin agreed, it would be the first time that a NATO member has supplied battle tanks to Ukraine, Der Spiegel notes.

The fact that Spain intends to transfer to Ukraine several Leopard 2 A4s sold by Germany in 1995 became known in early June. So far, Spain has delivered only ammunition, personal protective equipment and light weapons (S-90 grenade launchers or machine guns) to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Germany itself is also refusing to supply tanks to Ukraine due to fears that Ukraine could "become self-confident" and bring them into Russian territory. The second reason for the refusal is Germany's distrust of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.


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