Bodies of 220 Azovstal defenders returned to Ukraine – former commander of Azov regiment

As a result of two exchanges, the Ukrainian side managed to return 220 bodies of Azovstal defenders. This was reported on Facebook by the former commander of the Azov regiment Maxim Zhorin.

“The bodies of 220 dead are already in Kyiv, about a third are “Azov”, the identification process is underway,” he wrote, adding that the identification could take several months.

Zhorin also notes that almost the same number of dead bodies have yet to be returned: they are still in Mariupol.

In May, two and a half thousand Ukrainian soldiers who defended Azovstal surrendered. On June 8, the TASS agency reported that more than a thousand of them were sent to Russia for investigative actions.


American Daily Newspaper

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